Canadian tourist visa

Every year countless tourists apply for a tourist visa to travel to Canada as the world’s second largest country in the Americas and see the abundant natural resources with the world’s largest waterfall, Niagara Falls. Also, if your goal is to visit relatives and friends, participate in conferences or business visits, you must apply for a tourist visa.

Types of tourist visas

Canadian tourist visa in two forms:

One time entry (Single Entry) and
Multiple Entry and
Canada Super Visa is issued.

But it is usually issued in the form of a multiple visa up to the validity of the Canadian passport. One of the advantages of Canada’s multiple visa is that it allows the visa holder to enter the country indefinitely until the end of the visa’s legal term and to stay for up to 6 months without restrictions. If desired, it is possible to extend the legal stay.

Tips for obtaining a Canadian tourist visa

If you are applying for a Canadian tourist visa, provide all the required documents completely and correctly. It is recommended to get help from experts in this matter.
The most important element in order to get a positive result and obtain a tourist visa is to convince the officer of the immigration department about temporary residence and return to the country of origin. Providing financial resources and ownership documents, family affiliation, study or work, travel history, etc. has a great impact on the case officer’s decision and obtaining a visa.

Although travel history is not the only factor to get a positive result, keep in mind that people who have traveled to the European Union or the Schengen area have a higher chance of getting a visa.

If the purpose of your trip is to visit relatives and friends in Canada, it is mandatory to submit an invitation letter and relevant documents from them.

What is an invitation?

Applicants who have first- and second-degree relatives, including children, parents, uncles, aunts, etc., or friends in Canada who are citizens or residents of Canada, or who have a temporary residence in Canada with a student or work visa and intend to visit and they are meeting them, they must have an invitation letter in their file.

The presentation of the invitation does not mean that the inviter is legally responsible for the visitor after entering Canada, but he must have good faith in preparing the invitation and plan to fulfill the promises mentioned in the invitation. .

Procedures for obtaining a tourist visa

Consultation and initial assessment of applicants for free
Collect relevant documents and complete immigration forms
Register the initial application online to the immigration office
Performing biometrics (fingerprinting) after receiving the relevant letter from the Immigration Department
Waiting for the review and finalization of the case
Sending the original passport to the Canadian Visa Issuance Center to attach the visa if accepted

The duration of the tourist visa review and issuance is determined based on the official website of the Canadian Immigration Department according to the prevailing conditions. This time varies according to various factors, such as the busyness of the relevant visa office, the purpose of the trip, etc., but our group has the experience of successfully obtaining tourist visas in many cases in the least amount of time.

Canadian visa rejection

If your Canada visa has been rejected for any reason, don’t despair. The first step is to carefully examine the reasons for rejection and try to fix them. In this case, after improving the file, you can resend the file at a suitable time. Many cases have managed to get a positive result and visa even after several rejections. You can solve the ambiguities and defects of the case with the help of knowledgeable and expert people in this field to get a visa.

So don’t despair.

Mohajerbal provides complete services for people who have a history of tourist visa rejection. These services include taking notes of the case, checking and analyzing the reasons for rejection, expert advice to complete and strengthen the new case. Of course, if the previous file is not available, the work process will be a little longer and more complicated.