Super visa

Super visa is one of the types of tourist visa, which is developed only for parents and grandparents of residents or citizens of Canada. So applicants whose children or grandchildren are residents or citizens of Canada can apply for the Canada Super Visa program.

Super Visa credit

The validity period of the Canada Super Visa is set in the law for ten years, but at the time of issuance, it is issued according to the validity of the passport. For example, in the case of Iranian passports that are valid for five years, the validity period of the Canadian Super Visa will also be a maximum of five years.

The advantage of the super visa over the tourist visa is that the applicant can stay in Canada for up to two years per entry.

Some important points about Super Visa:

The applicant must prove that he has sufficient financial means and can afford his expenses in Canada.
The inviting person must have the appropriate financial means according to the minimum income table.
The applicant must be insured by a Canadian insurance company for a period of at least one year. This insurance must cover at least one hundred thousand dollars.
The applicant must undergo a medical examination by a doctor authorized by the Canadian Immigration Department.