Study in Canada

Studying in the best schools and prestigious universities in Canada with the best education system will provide students with a unique opportunity. While studying in a multicultural and multilingual country, you can improve your language and social skills and pave your way to find suitable job opportunities.

In order to study and stay temporarily in Canada, you need a study visa for courses that are longer than 6 months. A study visa allows you to enter Canada and stay for the duration of your studies. If you have a tourist visa and the duration of your study program is less than 6 months, you do not need to get a study visa.

Conditions for obtaining a Canadian study-student visa

Obtaining admission from universities and colleges approved by the Department of Immigration (DLI) for applicants over 18 years of age
Providing a language certificate with a score appropriate to the field and educational institution (if admission is not conditional on language, the chances of a visa are higher)
Providing financial resources to prove the ability to pay for education and living expenses during the study period in Canada
Not having a bad record (criminal and crime record) and also not having any specific health problems
Convincing the case officer about returning to the country of origin after the expiration of the study permit by providing sufficient evidence of work, financial and family dependence in the country of origin
Presenting a professional and comprehensive plan to attract the officer’s opinion

The role of language certificate in student study visa

Providing a language certificate for admission is determined according to the field and level of study. In general, it is not necessary to provide a language certificate for admission to some undergraduate and college courses. In this case, it is possible to get admission conditional on language. However, it is always our suggestion to get accepted and submit the academic file by presenting a language certificate.

Conditions for obtaining a Canadian student visa

Obtaining admission from public or private schools approved by the Immigration Department for applicants under 18 years of age
8 levels of primary school
4 levels of high school
Providing the financial support of the applicant’s sponsor (generally parents) to prove the ability to pay for education and living expenses during the study period in Canada
Completing and signing the custodian form (resident or citizen of Canada and living in the school district who has custody of the student)

The conditions for obtaining a study visa are the same in all Canadian provinces except Quebec. To study in the province of Quebec, in addition to the mentioned items, you also need a CAQ certificate.

Benefits of studying in Canada at a glance

The cost of studying in prestigious Canadian universities and schools with high educational quality, as well as the cost of living, is very affordable compared to other European and English-speaking countries.
The possibility of working at the same time as studying in Canada means that if you are a full-time student and have a valid study visa, you can work 20 hours a week outside the educational institution without obtaining a work permit, and in addition to employment and familiarity with the Canadian work system Have an income.
In addition to all the academic pressures and problems you face in the first days of arrival, due to the multicultural nature of Canada, you will be warmly welcomed and you will feel less at home.
The possibility of obtaining a spouse’s work permit without restrictions (Open Work Permit)
The possibility of free education for children under 18 years of age in Canadian schools during the period of their parents’ studies as international students
The possibility of obtaining a Canadian tourist visa for first-class family members during the study period
The possibility of obtaining a work permit after completing the course of study in Canada (PGWP). After completing your studies, you can apply for a work permit, taking into account the conditions approved by the Immigration Department. The duration of the work permit depends on the length of your education and varies from 1 to 3 years.
The possibility of obtaining permanent residence in Canada after completing education through designated programs
Calculation of half of the period of residence in Canada at the time of study at the time of obtaining citizenship

Although obtaining a study visa is one of the most popular methods of temporary residence, there are various programs to convert this temporary residence to permanent.

Correlation of length of study for students and PGWP credits

According to the law, the validity period of the post-graduation work permit (PGWP) is issued according to the length of the study period.

Education less than 8 months: Not eligible for PGWP.
Studying more than 8 months and less than 2 years: PGWP credits are usually issued for the duration of the study.
Education of 2 years or more: Eligible for a three-year PGWP.

So choosing the length of the study period depends on your long-term goals. If the length of your study period is less than one year, you may not be eligible for PGWP and you will face problems for the next step, which is applying for permanent residence in Canada.

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