Canadian startup visa

Start-up visa is one of the few programs to obtain Canadian permanent residence directly for the main applicant, spouse and dependent children. The Canadian Immigration Department has increased the capacity of this program significantly, which shows a special look at this immigration path, and this increase in capacity will definitely have a direct relationship with the increase in the acceptance rate.

Benefits of the startup program
Obtaining Canadian permanent residence for the main applicant, spouse and dependent children
The possibility of receiving a 3-year open work permit for the applicant after receiving a letter of support during the process of reviewing the permanent residence file
The possibility of obtaining an open work permit for the spouse of the applicant and the possibility of free education for children
No need for initial investment
Receiving letters of support through reputable investment companies with significant acceptance and success statistics

Canada is always looking for creative and talented entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business and create jobs in Canada.

So if you:

You have successful work experience in various fields, including technical-engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture, computer and information technology, etc. or you have a history of managing your own business and
You want to start a startup or a new business

The start-up program is the most suitable and fastest option to obtain permanent residence in Canada for you and your accompanying family.

Obtaining permanent residence through the start-up program

The start-up program aims to attract applicants who have innovative and creative ideas that can compete at the global level and lead to job creation and entrepreneurship for Canadian residents.

Currently, the startup program is one of the best, fastest and most reliable immigration methods for obtaining permanent residence. It is worth noting that the first-degree family members of the startup applicant, including spouse and dependent children, will receive Canadian permanent residence at the same time.

Conditions of action through the start-up program
Having a creative and innovative business idea or a suitable resume to be in the defined team – our organization, with the help of financial institutions including strong Canadian incubators and Angel, helps you in designing and presenting a business plan and a suitable justification plan. *
Having a language certificate at level 5 (CLB 5)

Documents approved by language and minimum score are as follows:

Language Certificate Speaking Writing Reading Listening
 CELPIP 5 5 5 5
French TEF exam 225 225 150 180
  • Having at least a graduate degree
  • Having the financial ability to start living in Canada

Certainly, finding a creative and innovative business idea may bring challenges, but don’t worry! The professional and expert team of Mohajerbal is with you to develop and nurture the plan and idea suitable for the Canadian labor market. The start-up team of Mohajerbal Group, with years of experience and successful cases, is by your side in all stages of creative design and idea development, business plan, training classes, project progress report, etc.

Canada startup visa procedures at a glance
Counseling and preliminary evaluation of the applicant – at this stage, the applicant’s resume is reviewed and after approval, he is considered as a member of the startup team.
Setting up and presenting a comprehensive business plan whose idea is new and unique and describes the details of the plan
Holding the necessary training courses to familiarize the team members with the relevant idea
Receiving a letter of support from one of the investor organizations approved by the Immigration Department (Incubator or Angel)
Submitting the application for permanent residency to the Canadian Immigration Department and submitting the relevant documents and forms to review and obtain Canadian permanent residency
Submit a request for an open work permit file if you wish
Carrying out the necessary measures including biometric, medical, etc. during the review of the permanent residence file request


Start-up program work permit (start-up visa)

One of the main advantages of the start-up program is that you can come to Canada with your spouse and children before receiving the result of your permanent residence visa and have a legal residence. The Canadian government has provided many facilities to attract more applicants in the field of startups, the most attractive of which is the open work permit with a validity of 3 years. Previously, this work permit was only given to the key member of the project and valid for 1 year.

Getting to know more about startup program terms

Letter of Support

The first step in any start-up project is to prove the efficiency, novelty and compatibility of the idea and project with the Canadian market and the global economy. For this purpose, the initial plan and project must be reviewed and approved by the institutions approved by the Canadian Immigration Department. If these institutions are approved, a Letter of Support will be issued. In fact, the responsibility and focus of these institutions is to support that project in the form of specified services. In this case, the Canadian Immigration Department will accept project team members based on this article.

Key members and non-key members

In general, in every startup team, members are divided into two categories: essential members and non-essential members. In simple words, key members play the main role in the startup project and their presence in the project is undeniable and necessary. But this does not mean that they have a greater stake in this project in terms of rights and partnership.

Non-key members are people without their presence in the process and development of the project, and their presence in the early stages of the project is unnecessary.

Incubators – Incubators

These organizations are known as business accelerators in Farsi. These organizations do not invest in start-up projects. Their main role is to provide the necessary information and training regarding the start and prosperity of the business, for which they usually receive a fee. The main actions of incubators are communication with investors in Canada, training, consulting and generally “mentoring”.

Angel Investors – Angel Investors

These organizations are actually personal investors who invest their personal capital in the start-up project and in return will share a percentage of the company’s profits. They do not have any main role in the management of the company and only share in the profits.

Venture Capitals – Venture Capitals

These institutions are not looking for initial plans and ideas, but they invest in plans and ideas that have passed the initial stages of business growth and have reached the stage of initial sales and profitability. In this case, they will definitely invest more in the project.